Lighting Tower

X-Eco LED Lighting Tower
Key Features
  • 6 x 150w LED floodlight system
  • Floodlight(s) powered by 48v current – Safe for operation and maintenance
  • Light Sensor / Automatic cut-off when no light is required
  • Fuel consumption 0.55 litres/h
  • Up to 75% saving on fuel and running cost over older lighting units
  • Up to 80% reduction in CO2 output
  • AMOSS automatic tower lowering when handbrake is disengaged – avoids the danger of a unit being moved with the mast deployed
Other Features
  • Multi-directionally adjustable floodlight for precise and effective set-up, providing full 360 degree coverage.
  • Very compact dimensions for easy handling & transportability
  • Kubota, liquid cooled, 13.3hp (3kva) silent-run engine operating at 1500rpm
  • Fuel consumption – 0.55 litres/h
  • Certified wind stability up to 110 km/h
  • On board levels for guidance and machine stabilisation
  • 7 section, 8.5m hydraulic tower mast – full 360 degree coverage
  • Control panel alarms for engine protection
  • Electrical protection from overload with circuit breaker and emergency stop
  • Plug & play, colour coded cables and connectors – IP67 level protection certified
  • 4 extendable and height adjustable stabilizers
  • Homologated axle & Towing hitch


Usage Lighting Tower Comparison
Fuel Consumption CO2 Emissions
Standard X Eco LED Standard X Eco LED
Per Hour 1.9L 0.55L 5.1 kg / hr 1.45 kg/hr
Per Day (10 Hours) 19.3L 5.5L 51 kg 14.5 kg
Per Week (6 Days) 115.8L 33L 306 kg 87 kg
Per Month 463.2L 132L 1,224 kg 336 kg
Cost per month £462 £132